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Iyabo Ojo & Larrit: Fresh Details Emerge On The Big Cold War Between The 2 Friends

Recall that a couple of days back, CityScoop published the story of the cold war between two best friends, Lara Olukotun (Larrit Shoes Village Boss) and popular actress, Iyabo Ojo. We have however been inundated with several private messages from those who know much about what could have been the cause of their fight.

A close of friend of the duo who pleaded annoymity said what is happening between the duo (who were almost like Siamese twins until few months back) is beyond what their friends could handle.

The source hinted that since the brohaha started, two other star actresses, Dayo Amusa and Fathia Williams (who belong to the same clique with Iyabo and Larrit) seem to be have pitched their tent on the side of Iyabo Ojo, leaving Larrit to stand alone as a one man squad.

Giving further details on the cause of the ‘cold war’, the source further revealed that the 3 actresses have not been cool with her reported relationship with Fuji star, Pasuma.

Gists about Larrit being in a romantic relationship with Pasuma have been flying round among celebrities in Lagos.

We hear that the romance has pitched her against some big babes, but our source did not confirm if Iyabo, Dayo and Fathia fell into this category of babes.

In the past few months, there has been some unusual incidents. Sometimes in December 2017, Larrit posted a picture of herself with a black eye on her IG page with a long epistle where she spoke about betrayal and how she has been able to get over it. Then, some were insinuating she must have gotten the black eye from a fight with her set of friends.

She however deleted the post after some minutes; after getting loads of reactions from people, as the post got a lot of comments. Wether it is true or not, only Larrit can tell where she got it from and who she was referring to in the long message she attached to the picture. Till today, the real story of how and where she got the black eye from remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, another close source also revealed to CityScoop that Larrit made a move to reconcile with her Iyabo Ojo and her clique before the matter degenerated to the level it is today.

Yesterday, she did another post on her IG handle, telling whoever cares to listen that she is not bothered about people discussing her.  In the post, she said, she will be only be bothered if were to be the likes of Oprah, Folorunsho Alakija or Mo Abudu discussing about her. She also referred to some people who are just hating on her for no reason in her post.

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