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‘Women Are Meant To Rule The World’ – Reni Folawiyo

Nigerian businesswoman,  Reni Folawiyo, talks with  Peace Hyde about overcoming setbacks on Forbes Woman Africa’s  Against The Odds with Peace Hyde.

Folawiyo shares with Hyde her experience building the next luxurious fashion destination for Nigerians and westerners alike.

She also talks about finding people around her who had the same level of ambition and passion as she had while on the come up.

‘I have a huge vision, huge passion and huge ambition,’ Folawiyo says, adding that she considers herself being her greatest problem.

The businesswoman also believes women are meant to rule the world, saying,  ‘We are women. We are meant to rule the world. We are super.’

Folawiyo is the founder of ‘Alara’, a concept store in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos that seeks to redefine luxury fashion for Nigerians.

Watch the trailer below:

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