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Pastor’s Wife Flees Home After Assassination Attempts On Family

The wife of a pastor and founder of White House Ministries (Aladura Worldwide) in Ijoko Ota, Sango in Ogun State, Dr. Abayomi Samuel has fled her matrimonial home after four reported assassination attempts on her husband and family.

Reports say that Deborah Samuel, whose husband is a fiery radical preacher, known for his harsh criticisms on the ills of Nigerian society like, Kidnapping, child abuse, political assassination, corruption, child labour, prostitution and many others was forced to flee their Sango Otta residence some months back when some unidentified assailants visited their home on the 15th of May 2017 to request for Pastor Samuel while Deborah and the kids were planning for his birthday celebration.

The unknown assailants who were armed with machetes and other dangerous weapons, broke into the house and started shouting  “where is Pastor Samuel and why was he lambasting our King and our political benefactor on his pulpit? We will deal with him and hang his head on the  pulpit where he preaches”

It was gathered that it took the help of some members of the local vigilante group (OPC) securing the house that confronted the assailants before the pastor’s wife and kids managed to flee the house on that fateful day.

And as of the time of filing this report, the whereabouts of the wife and kids are still not known to anybody including her family members for fear of not exposing them to danger again.

The pastor, Dr.Abayomi Samuel was also able to escape the assailants attack miraculously through the assistance of same local guards who protected his wife and kids on same day too, after which he  fled out of Sango otta to an unknown destination.

A police source, who chose to remain anonymous at Sango Otta Divisional Police HQ, confirmed the incident.

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