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Imo Kingship Tussle: Prince Ejimonu Fears For Life After Near-Death Experiences

“Since I visited a few elders in the community to ask questions and directions on my intention to claim what is ancestrally mine, after  my earlier observation that we the Ejimonu family are the right people to present the next heir to the throne of Itu , a lot of things has been going wrong, the recent one is the attack by unknown gunmen who wanted to block my vehicle and abduct me and my family  on 8th of December 2016 but rather stopped in the middle of the act when they noticed a police checkpoint not far from where they blocked us. They hurriedly got back into their car and sped off.

“I am connecting this incident to the Eze issue because of threat messages I have been receiving  on my phone, telling me to back off from Itu throne right before that incident, and am now more worried because unknown caller gave me a brief itinerary of my wife activities including her full name, names of my children  and their age ,including the names of their school, the caller also advised me to quit my selfish ambition or he will  crush all that I hold dear. This happened just last week and I am very disturbed”, Prince Ejimonu told  press men at the lobby of Imo Concorde Hotel Owerri.

The last king of Itu community in Ezinhitte Mbaise , Eze Luke  Nnadede Dimgba died on the 8th of November 2008 after a brief illness since then three prominent men in the community, who had indicated interest in taking over the mantle of leadership from the late king, had not realized their dream as they  are of blessed memory now ,though  of natural situations that  doesn’t seem diabolic.

Engr. Valentine Ori died on 22 January 2015. A former Permanent Secretary, Christian Chukwuocha died 13th April 2015. The most recent victim is Chief Innocent Nwaogugu, who died recently on 13th of April 2017.

This respected fathers of Itu community in Ezinhitte had one thing in common; they were considered by their kinsmen as worthy replacement to the King that had joined the ancestors. But their deaths had left a long vacuum in the prestigious stool  and created room for second guessing on who the new king should be and the family he is to emerge from.

This has however led to silent tension in the community, especially among those that believe that it is their turn to become  the king of the community.

It is a widely accepted belief  that to emerge a king is and of providence, in which community elders consult the ancestors of the land including the creator of mankind in heaven and then follow historical paths and noble lineages to determine who is to lead them as king. But in recent times,  things are changing, as the voice of the elders seems to have no weight in issues like this so far they are not prominent or rich and people with government contacts and money can maneuver their way to vacant thrones in their communities.

This sordid reality is quite alarming and well wishers of the Prince has resorted to praying for his safety and God’s protection of  Prince Emeka Ejimonu , his wife Princess Chizoro Rosita Ejimonu and their entire family.

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