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I was elected President to spread wealth, not poverty – Jonathan says at Oxford

 Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has said that he was never elected as Nigeria’s president to spread poverty but to generate and spread wealth.
Dr Jonathan spoke at the Oxford Union of the University of Oxford today with the theme ‘Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship said in his speech which  was streamed live, on his Facebook page ..

I once said that I was not elected President of Nigeria to spread poverty; I was elected to generate and spread wealth.”
“My belief in this regard is that getting a job or being a worker cannot completely cure the disease of poverty. It is only your own business that can provide such security and give you the financial freedom you need to prosper.”

He continued

”Why are some nations rich and some poor? Why do individuals that grow up in similar circumstances end up differently, with some as successes and others as failures?” “Is the wealth of nations a result of geography, weather, culture, destiny, etc.? What could a leader do to effectively lift a people out of the depths of poverty and enable them to achieve prosperity?” Jonathan asked rhetorically 

 He concluded his speech by giving a short brief of his achievements in the economic sphere, saying,

 “Under my watch, Nigeria was projected by CNN Money to be the third fastest growing economy in the world for the year 2015 and rated as the largest economy in Africa and the 23rd largest in the world by the World Bank and the IMF, with a GDP above half a Trillion US dollars.

 Jonathan succeeded US Secretary of State who spoke last year.Other speakers include the late King Michael Jackson, author of 48 laws of power, Robert Greene, the Dalai Lama, former British prime ministers Winston Churchill, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher among many other renowned personalities.

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