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Store asks customers to try out popular product – but people really aren't keen

We're a little unsure about this. Is it even hygienic?

Probably not. People's fingers go in all sort of places, especially when they're out and about, shopping for products.

One shop has decided to advertise Vaseline by offering consumers the chance to give it a try.

There, on a shelf, a half-used top is ready for those willing to dip in.

Interesting idea

Twitter/@RiffRaff1971 Ah, no thanks
Ah, no thanks

Vaseline is a very popular product. It can be used to soothe cracked skin, tame unruly eyebrows, or prevent chaffing.

Some football players rub it on their nipples while playing to avoid harsh material from rubbing against them.

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It's just not something you'd expect to find on display as a 'tester'. If not for being a little peculiar and weird, but because so many people are already aware of its practicalities.

We're not sure where the Vaseline was spotted, but Twitter user 'Mimsy' found it on Reddit and posted it for others to see.

People weren't particularly impressed...

@RiffRaff1971 a culture of bugs growing in that pot would be interesting

— Kate Odling (@KateOdling) October 23, 2016

@RiffRaff1971 @vestachowmein a petroleum petri dish...eeeuuuwwww!

— Dust Bunny (@debsdustbunny) October 23, 2016

@RiffRaff1971 @thisisrobotbutt maybe you're supposed to throw a penny in it?

— Jessica Taylor Price (@infinitejessp) October 23, 2016

Fair enough, it's not very enticing.

Some other ideas were a little too rude to be shared here.

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