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Eagle-eyed Clueless fans spot massive error in the film that's gone unnoticed for 20 years

It's the film that had an entire generation of girls exclaiming "as if!" and "eww" - much to the annoyance of everyone else, no doubt - and dreaming of one day owning a 'virtual' wardrobe.

Not to mention, "you're a virgin who can't drive" is probably the most withering and devastating put-down in cinematic history.

Of course, Clueless isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you were a teenage girl or pre-teen circa 1995 then it was everything .

Does that mean it's a flawless piece of film-making ?

No. Despite all of its houndstooth twin sets and Paul Rudd screen time (for which we'll be forever grateful), there is a slight pothole which eagle-eyed fans of the iconic film have spotted.

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We wanted to be these girls

It concerns our shopaholic heroine, Cher.

At the beginning of the film, Cher introduces herself as Cher Horowitz.

However, it seems this was not the original name slated for her.

Initially, her surname was written in as being 'Hamilton', and there are few instances where it looks like producers forget to amend it, reports The Sun .

The first is the scene when Cher's dad, Mel, is going through her report card with her.

The surname on the card however doesn't say 'Horowitz', it says 'Hamilton'.

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Can you spot it?

when everyone in Clueless says Cher's last name as "Horowitz" but her report card says "Hamilton"

— aaron zamolodchikova (@frootIand) August 21, 2015

Anybody else ever peep that Cher's name was Cher Hamilton on the report card? #Clueless #90sLiveTweet

— Trevor Phillips Ind. (@Skiperella) January 10, 2016

Later on in the film, Mel picks up an envelope which is addressed to 'Melvin Hamilton', again not reflecting the surname Cher states earlier on in the film.

While there's no official line on why the producers decided to change Cher and Mel's name, there is a theory that the original choice did not fit Cher's bubbly and extrovert character.

By choosing Horowitz, they wouldn't be changing the character’s name too much.

As unconditional Clueless fans, we'd love Cher whatever her name was.

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