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Mum's eye-opening photos of her kids' carnage prove it's impossible to have children AND nice things

Can you have kids AND have nice things? It's a parenting dilemma with one clear solution.

Sadly it's bad news for anyone who likes expensive fabrics, cutting-edge technology, beautiful clothes, rare vinyl and fancy glassware.

It's not that your bundles of joy are out to sabotage your life. It's simply a healthy curiosity.

What does the dog look like smothered in mustard? How many household items can be crammed into the fish tank?

You know, life's big questions.

Answering those questions (in a fashion) is New York-based mum-of-two Julie Brophy.

Julie created the hilarious website, ' S*** my Kids Ruined ' after spending four years at home with her young sons and it's quickly become a place where other parents can share their tales of carnage.

Computer literacy

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No one really needs a computer keyboard, anyway

In fairness to the architect of this particular disaster, we've had tech issues which have almost driven us to the brink of hurling something against a wall.

But, like we say, 'almost'.

Nothing decent on TV, was there?

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Purely decorative

Introducing the new purely decorative TV set.

Once it was a fully-functional TV which you bought with your own hard-earned cash so you could relax of an evening.

Then a small person related to you decided TVs are much more fun when you can't actually watch anything on them. So they did this.

"I'll take one in every colour"

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Some will have to sort all of this out

As any dedicated shopper knows, when you find your sartorial happy-place, or if you sniff out a decent bargain, you enter a trance-like state.

In this state, things like time, place and etiquette no longer matter. You are to shop. And shop you will.

What did the dog ever do to you?

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That's got to burn

Ignoring the obvious hot-dog reference, seriously, did the creator behind this masterpiece genuinely confuse the faithful family pet for an item of food?

Perhaps we're just being over-analytical but the dog has this look in its eyes which says "this is not the first time, and it won't be the last time, either."

Or the family pony, for that matter?

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Hope this comes off

Who doesn't love an adorable pony? So small, so sweet.

In fact, the only way a pony can be improved upon is by covering one in painted hand prints.

Or the fish?

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Not the best environment for a fish

Who says a fish tank should be just for the fishes?

Why can't, say, you house various books, items of stationary and a toy plastic giraffe in there?

If you DO decide to do all the above, just make sure you remove the fish first.

A timeless look for any room

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Decorators are expensive and we're all mega-busy. So if you find you're cash AND time-poor but desperate to give your home a little face lift, simply recruit your child to do this.

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