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Poundland has started selling things for more than a £1 and it's the last straw

How much more can Brexit Britain take?

Now that the dust has just about settled over Marmitegate and we struggle to accept economic uncertainty, we have been dealt a new blow.

Poundland, the high street bastion of bargain goods is the latest victim of the swampy fiscal climate.

Twitter user Bryan Roberts was the messenger who broke the news no shopper wants to hear, after spying a distressing announcement in a Poundland window.

It reads; "We now sell some amazing value products that cost more than £1.

"If you have any queries in relation to us selling products over £1, please ask for the store manager in store or call the customer services team..."

Looks like it's finally official from Poundland #Brexit

— Bryan Roberts (@BryanRoberts72) October 20, 2016

You may be asking, "How bad can it be?"

And the sad truth is, it's become pretty bad - some items are retailing for as much as £7.


@BryanRoberts72 @hughesy40 This stuff?

— Steve Dresser (@dresserman) October 20, 2016

There's no denying the correlation between our voting to leave the EU and our currency plummeting to an all-time low.

However, as the Metro reports, Poundland has denied the price hike has anything to do with Brexit.

A spokesperson told the site, "Poundland has been trialing a new multi-price offering across a number of its existing stores and this will continue through to Christmas with clear round pound price points.

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PA Poundland shop
Not any more?

"We have listened to feedback from our customers and wish to offer more value from the product range we sell in our stores by offering larger packs sizes and a wider selection of products.

"The stores will also run short term offers, across all categories including homewares, toys and seasonal ranges.

"Poundland is committed to its round pound proposition and all stores trialling multi price will continue to offer the full range at its famous £1 price point which customers all know and love!"

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