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Nigerians slam Mercy Aigbe over controversial birthday outfit

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has come under attack over her birthday outfit, which was shared on Instagram.

An aggrieved bride @rettypety, whose wedding was scheduled for 29th December 2017 had called out her designer, Maryam Elisha (@rikaotobyme) for giving out a gown meant for her wedding to the Nollywood actress for her 40th birthday photos.

This generated reactions from Nigerians as some called on the actress to take down the picture and apologise to the bride, while others rained insults on her.

However, some in support of the actress said the designer should be blamed as Mercy may not be aware of circumstance.

Here are some comments:

@ifeanyi “I don’t know how Mercy Aigbe feels, finding out that the dress she allegedly borrowed from a tailor for her 40th birthday photo was actually an innocent girl’s wedding dress and that the tailor had lied to the girl that her dress wasn’t ready. Why are tailors this wicked?

@ali “Not just the careless tailor! Mercy Aigbe deserves the dragging for working with a promise & fail tailor. A woman of her class!!

@clintonvice “The tailor/designer sold someone else’s dress cos mercy aigbe probably offered to pay more.In the process ruining another’s special day.. Loyalty is very rare

@platinumb “If Mercy Aigbe has any integrity she will take the photos down sha. A birthday shoot cannot be more important than your reputation. Even if she didn’t know before, she does now. Remove yourself from the situation.

@oneme “I really don’t understand what Mercy Aigbe’s fault is in this tailor matter. Being a celebrity is both a gift and a curse.

@omeyimi “The painful thing is that Mercy Aigbe might not have known about it but Nigerians are dragging her instead of the designer

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