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How to conceive twins – 5 best tips for Nigerian ladies

In the past twins were considered an evil in Nigeria. However, today women wish to have them. Learn what to do to have twins.

Twins are amazing. There was a time in the history of Nigeria, when twins were killed and believed to be evil. Mary Slessor was the lady who stopped the killing of such babies in this country. You may read about it more here. Now the question is how to conceive twins. Can you really do something to boost your chances of getting two babies instead of one?
Let’s get more info and fun facts on twins and their development in the mother’s womb to get the answer. Here are several amazing facts on these amazing people:

Identical twin form from a mono zygote (one female egg and one sperm cell)
They get formed during the first week of pregnancy
The twins can develop rather independently in the w conceive twins – 5 t tips for Nigerian omb (having separate placenta). This happens when they are formed on the 2nd day of pregnancy.
They can share the placenta, if they get formed later (4-6 days of pregnancy)
In our days twins are born more often (your chances boosted by 30 percent!) continue reading on the next page

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