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Unveiled Legal Expert Reveals Why Anal Seacutex Is A Criminal Offence

Few hours after a Ghanaian Christian counselor gave an advice about why ladies must arrest their boyfriends if they use their pictures as display picture on social media, another renowned Ghanaian who is a legal expert has dropped another bombshell.

The Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, who spoke on a radio show called “Ladies Talk Show”, disclosed the difference between doggy s3x style and anal s3x style stating which one is criminal and which one is not criminal.

According to the lawyer, ”doggy style is a recommendable s3x style for partners but anal sex is a criminal offence.” He revealed further that any woman who allows a man to have sex with her through the anus, must be punished.

”No s3x position is illegal under the laws of the country except when the p3nis enters the anus of a woman during sexual intercourse. Partners can be creative by even engaging in karate styles during love making and nobody will deal with them.

”Doggy style is recommendable, but a doggy style which will mistakenly turn into anal s3x is criminal. Some of the men deliberately attempt to enter the women through their anuses and it is wrong,’’ he said.

The legal expert, Maurice also advised people to stay away from anal s3x. ‘People should position themselves well when they want to go the doggy way, in order not to offend the law,’ he said.

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