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Kannywood is not considering lifting Rahama Sadau’s ban


Actor Ali Nuhu in a recent interview with Channel TV revealed Kannywood might consider lifting the expulsion sanction given to the Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadua, for participating in a romantic music video. However, the secretary of the organisation denied the claim made by Ali Nuhu, says the organisation is not even considering anything of such.

I think that her expulsion is too rigid. If it was like giving her a warning or placing her on suspension, I can understand but expelling someone from her profession, I don’t think its fair. I have spoken to some Excos of Kannywood. I think they are going to reconsider it

– Ali Nuhu said in the interview.

According to recent LIB report, Kannywood Secretary general of the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (MOPPAN) Kano State chapter, Salisu Mohammad stated the organisation is not reconsidering changing nor lifting the actress’ expulsion sanction.

Kannywood secretary Salisu stated:

We are not in that position now. We are not considering taking her back into the industry because we expelled her. We have instituted a committee to receive feedback from her fans and the producers that have outstanding job with her. She called yesterday(Wednesday) that she wants to have a meeting with the committee, and the committee granted her audience for the scheduled meeting just to hear what she has to say. So we formed the committee to listen to such feedback. But we are not in any way considering her to the industry.

After the meeting with your committee members, would there be chances that they would lift this ban or absorb her back into the association?

Salisu: That is uncertain, as we do not know what she wants to discuss with the committee. The committee cannot deny her audience because Rahama Sadau was one time our full time member, so if she says she wants to meet with the committee, then definitely we must give her audience and we must listen to her. But considering her back to the industry, I am telling that we don’t have that in mind right now.


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