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Uti Nwachukwu can’t show off his manhood for money but can sell his sperm for 20 million


Actor, model and TV personality says he will never consider doing full frontal nude picture for a photo shoot nor a movie scene, but can consider selling his sperm for N20 million.

The former reality TV star/winner Uti Nwanchukwu in a recent interview just confessed that he won’t show off his manhood for any amount of money because it is the one thing he holds most sacred.

Excerpt from the interview:

Since you model how much money will make you go nude for a shoot?

That’s not my brand.

Even for a Billion Naira?

Honestly if I have to do that, it will be the kind of money to put me in a position where I don’t have to lift a finger again. If its a billion dollars, obviously… No thinking of it, there’s something sacred about my nudity. Even at big brother when they showered naked, I never showered naked. I always had my boxers on.

If my nudity is brought out to the public, it’ll definitely be against my will or a situation where I was tricked. Back nudity, yes, everyone has bum bum nau. As a man, the only thing you can hold sacred is your penis so if everyone sees your penis, there’s no sacred thing you can hold unto. That’s see finish and I’m not comfortable with that. Even with that $1B.

In the future, you’re going to have kids in the future. We have to preserve our sense of decency and conservation. I’m not judgmental, won’t judge anyone but I want to have something that will leave people guessing. The only person that should see my penis is who I’m sleeping with.

Can you donate your semen for N20M?

I have actually thought about it, it’s very interesting giving life, so it’s no big deal, If am going to make a woman and her family out there happy, why not? I can, it’s very doable, I will consider selling my sperm to someone that wants a child, because N20M will pay a lot of bills for me.’

In a similar story, IK Ogbonna revealed that a couple once approached him to donate his sperm for 20 million Naira some years back, but he refused because he did not want to give away his offspring.


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