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Actor Ali Nuhu shows support to the banned Kannywood actress Rahama Sadua


Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu shows support to the banned actress Rahama Sadua.

The actress who recently got banned by Kannywood has been garnering a lot of support from the general public both locally and internationally since the unfair incident.

Popular actor Nuhu Ali in a recent interview appears to be changing his tone and view about the expulsion of Kannywood actress Rahama Sadua.

At Sadua’s expulsion, Ali said the expulsion was logical as he believes her role in the romantic music video violates codes and conducts of Kannywood.

Going back on his earlier statement, in a recent interview with channels TV, Ali Nuhu says Kannywood might reconsider the punishment issued out to Rahama because he has spoken with some of the excos.

Ali stated he feels the punishment dished out to the actress is un-mesurable to the reported offense.

I think that her expulsion is too rigid. If it was like giving her a warning or placing her on suspension, I can understand but expelling someone from her profession, I don’t think its fair. I have spoken to some Excos of Kannywood. I think they are going to reconsider it

– he said


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