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Padita Agu’s secret admirer gifts her N500k for birthday bash


Padita Agu gets 500k birthday gift from unknown admirer.

The beautiful actress turned a year older yesterday and she can’t just keep calm as she flooded her social media pages with pictures of her day. In the midst of her beautiful day, the actress’ admirer made her wishes of 500k party bash a reality.

Padita says she received a gift of N500,000 from someone who simply called to wish her a happy birthday and asked her what she needed to celebrate her birthday.

The actress jokingly responded that a sum of N500k will be perfect to throw a birthday bash and loo she got her wishes.

She wrote:

Someone called me, wished me a happy birthday, asked how am celebrating it and I said am waiting on who would throw a party/dinner for me. He asked how much and I jokingly said I’ll manage half a million……only for him to call back and ask for my account details, next is alert of his transfer!

Trust me, I’ve only met this person once. If I run into him now I won’t recognise him. He has never asked me out or shown any interest in that regard. I am just beyond excitement. Am in awe of this act and many other blessings all around me. It is really happening to me!!!

Its happening! Not just my Birthday. [Amos 9:13-15 MSG] Is happening to me! My head is beginning to swim and spin. I would need grace to keep up. Everywhere I look, blessings!!!! I have prayed and hoped for these long time, and now its happening.


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