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Majid Michel says leadership is a privilege not a right


Ghanaian actor Majid Michel who was recently spotted preaching in church at Zoe Chapel International has taken time out to encourage leaders to be good and effective in their position of authority.

The actor awhile ago revealed that he had an encounter with God and has since been sharing encouraging words as well as the word of God on his social media account. Majid, over the weekend was seen preaching alongside his colleague actors Timothy Bentum and Pascal Amanfo.

Today the talented actor took to social media to enlighten leaders to see their office as a privilege and not a right, says with this mindset, leaders will be effective and efficient.

Winning an election does not mean u are a Leader. it means you are a politician. if you are ordained as a pastor does not mean you can lead a church.

LEADERSHiP is not a right. it’s a privilege. And it’s a privilege given to you by the followers. And if the followers don’t know how to identify with good and effective Leaders, then we will continue to have mediocrity in Leadership. #LEADERSHiP.


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