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IK Ogbonna turns down N20 million for sperm donation


IK Ogbonna is not just a sweet husband but we are certain without doubt that he will make such a great dad as well. Who will never dream of letting any child of his out of his sight for any reason?

While some heartless people find it easy enough to sell their babies after nine months of pregnancy, IK revealed in a recent interview how he turned down an offer of 20million Naira even in the face of abject poverty and hustling.

Speaking at a recent interview with LIB, IK Ogbonna revealed the highest temptation he has ever been faced with, after a couple offered him N20mill to donate his sperm.

There are times when I was broke to zero Naira, I’d leave my friend’s place to visit my sister at the bridge clinic to ask for as little as N2000.

On that faithful day while sitting waiting for my sister, a woman met me with her husband and offered me N20m to donate my sperm, who probably was impotent.

IK revealed that even though he took time to think about the juicy offer, the thought of giving away his offspring made him turn it down

‘After thinking about the offer, I told myself that I would be a very great man someday, and no kids of mine will be left out of my sight. That was the highest temptation I have ever experienced in all my life.’.

– he said.


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