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RMD turns to God in the midst of recession


RMD stays positive and smiling even in the midst of recession.

The veteran Nollywood star who recently stated that he is still very much a young man and shouldn’t be referred to as veteran has just waded in on the recession in the country.

RMD still able to crack jokes even though he is red says he can’t stop smiling because he knows his help comes from the Lord. The actor revealed different phrases people now employ to encourage themselves in this challenging time. He wrote:

The recession and everything else happening around us presently make phrases like #behappy#bepositive #weshallovercome, etc sound like gibberish but they aren’t, which is why despite the fact that “e don red” I still maintain the positive disposition because I know my helper will turn my worst days around.#RMDSaysSo #GodIsAble #GodCan#GodWill #StayPositive #BeHappy#SpeakPositive #TrustGod

RMD lately has been giving us grand dad goal with pictures of himself and his adorable little grand daughter. The actor who graced TIFF with his presence, stopped by to see his daughter and granddaughter. He shared picture of their first church service together, captioned:

Throwback to my first church service with the youngest lady in my life, my grand baby. Miss her very much

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