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Tracey Boakye says the cause of low movie sales is self-inflicted


Ghanaian actress and producer Actress Tracey Boakye is sickened by the attacks on the current administration because she claims movie producers and TV stations are to blame for the low sales of movies in recent times but not government policies.

She added that the cause of the low sales is self-inflicted as movie producers are selling movies as cheap as Gh300.

The market has gone down but my reason is some producers sell part one and two of their movies for Gh300.

If you give it to them (TV Stations) and someone can watch it for free, why should they buy it?

– she queried.

She maintains that the movie industry will still crumble under new administration until producers see the need to stop selling their sweat (movies) at cheaper prices to TV stations that are using in to attract viewers.

She contended that if producers are not making the expected sales, they should thoroughly check their dealings including raising quality standards, not selling them to TV stations or better still, sell them at higher prices to TV stations. She stated that none of these can only be decided by the producers but not the government.

Tracey said:

If you don’t sell the movie right, someone will buy the film. We (producers) have cheapened ourselves. What has this gotten to do with the president? Is Mahama the one selling the movies? We even produce more movies ever since he came into power. If you are not getting a job, check your lifestyle.


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