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Actress Yvonne Nelson unhappy about not being married at age 30

Yvonne Nelson

Ghollywood actress Yvonne Nelson says age is catching up with her but the right man is not proposing to her. The beautiful actress who is not happy about this setback in her life was recently spotted taking a tour of Italy before her 30th birthday. She is now in a state of uncertainty as she doesn’t know when Mr. Right will knock her door.

“30 years is freaking scary. When I was younger, people used to ask ladies at 30 if they were not going to marry because they were old. All these things are coming back to me. I thought leaving Ghana to somewhere was going to change it but I was in Italy and I cried the night before my birthday because I was leaving the twenties. Now I’m getting 31 and it’s scarier because I saw some little grey hair. I asked myself how I got here because I thought I was going to have a baby” she said.

She bemoans that men have been proposing to her but they are not the kind that she can live with for the rest of her life. “Its not like women like us we don’t have men approaching us but you have to ask yourself is this the right man because I just don’t want to rush into something and then in eight months or a year I’m divorced for people to be talking about me.”

The pretty actress is however optimistic that she will get married soon.

Yvonne Nelson

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